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Statewide Survey

This online survey is conducted every other year (beginning 2004) with a random sample of undergraduate students from each participating institution. The invitations are sent out in mid-February and students have four weeks to complete the survey with one email reminder sent two weeks after the initial invitation. This survey began as a tool to measure AOD use and related behaviors and has expanded over time to include violence and mental health.

Arizona Institutions of Higher Education

Statewide Survey Data 

2012 - 2022 Statewide Survey Results

“The fewer alcoholic drinks per week students have, the less likely they are to experience any type of violence”
-AZIHE Survey

Statewide Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AZIHE statewide survey?

The AZIHE statewide survey began in 2004. The purpose of this survey is to identify alcohol and other drug (AOD), mental health and violence norms, trends, and knowledge among Arizona college students. The information is used to determine changes in these variables over time and to determine changes in programming needs for students. The survey was developed as a means for institutions to create and share an aggregate report. Disaggregated reports by institution are created and shared internally for institutions to compare with the statewide data if they are interested in doing so.

The data is reported on with the following age categories: <21, 21 – 25, and all.

Who are the stakeholders?
  • The state of Arizona
  • Arizona University/College administrators, faculty and students
  • Arizona University/College partners
  • Arizona communities
Who develops the survey?

All institutions contribute to the survey question edit and review process. This includes discussing suggested edits, additions, and removal of questions. We continue to make changes to ensure the data is useful to inform programming and apply for funding. The survey now has a solid set of core questions and has had few major changes over the past 4 administrations. All 2022 surveys were between 50 – 60 questions (10 – 15 minutes to complete). In addition, each participating institution can request additional items for their specific institution.

What are the survey methods?
Each participating campus is responsible for receiving IRB approval to administer the survey. The cover letter and consenting documents are developed by each participating campus with the assistance of the AZIHE evaluation consultant. Data is collected on all participating campuses each spring semester (early February to early March). The survey is built using Qualtrics for each institution. Each campus sends the survey invitation and link via email to a random sample of students. A reminder email is sent to students to encourage participation. While the number of responses received varies by institution, we try to obtain a 10% response rate of the student population for smaller campuses and a 5% response rate for larger campuses. Data is entered into databases with no links to email addresses or identifying information, thus guaranteeing student anonymity. The same methodology has been used since 2004. The data is merged across campuses by the AZIHE evaluation consultant and she is the only individual with access to data from all participating campuses.
How often is the survey conducted?
The survey is administered biannually each spring semester (early February to early March). The next semester for survey administration is Spring of 2024.
How do I get my institution involved?

Email the AZIHE Director email if you have additional questions and/or would like to get your institution involved. All institutions of higher education in Arizona are encouraged to participate.

How do I suggest additions and/or edits to the survey?

The survey started with the focus of AOD use and has expanded to include a variety of topics. The survey questions have shifted based on the needs of participating campuses and the students. We encourage people to let us know if topics specific to this population are prevalent in the literature. We strive to ensure the survey is representative and includes emerging issues and concerns. At the core we want to have statewide data and are mindful of trend data and how requested data will be impacted. While we cannot guarantee all newly requested questions/edits will be implemented, each campus can add their own questions based on programs and interest that would be beneficial to your institution.

Join our mission of proactively supporting college student emotional wellbeing, in an effort to prevent violence and substance misuse.