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Stalking is when someone repeatedly follows, contacts, or harasses another person in a way that makes them feel scared or uncomfortable. It’s a serious crime that can cause emotional and psychological harm to the victim.


Stalking Prevention

Bystander Intervention

Bystander Intervention 5 D's

Direct Directly intervene
Distract Create a distraction
Delegate Tell another person or authority figure
Delay After the event has happened
Document Take notes and record the incident

About 1 in 6 women and 1 in 17 men have experienced stalking in their lifetimes


Prevent Someone From Stalking

Interrupting the stalking behavior

If you see someone following or harassing another person, interrupt the behavior by speaking to the stalker and/or victim, or by calling the authorities.

Raising awareness about stalking

Educate others about the dangers of stalking and encourage them to intervene if they witness it.

Documenting the stalking behavior

If you witness stalking behavior, document it by taking notes, photos, or videos, and share this information with the victim and/or authorities.

Providing support to the victim

Reach out to the victim and offer emotional support, safety planning, or referrals to resources such as counseling, legal services, or victim advocacy groups.

Stalking involves a perpetrators use of a pattern of harassing or threatening behaviors that are both unwanted and cause fear of safety concerns.

Stalking can be
  • Unwanted phone calls
  • Unwanted emails, text messages, social media messages
  • Watching, following, or tracking a victim
  • Leaving strange or potentially threatening items for victim to find
  • Approaching a victim or showing up unwanted


Defining Common Stalking Terms


Occurs when someone repeatedly harasses or threatens someone else, causing fear or safety concerns. Most often, stalking occurs by someone the victim knows or with whom they had an intimate relationship.


Use of technology to stalk victims and share some characteristics with real-life stalking.


State Statutes For Stalking

Stalking; classification; exceptions; definitions

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