Arizona Institututions of Higher Education Network


The Arizona Institutions of Higher Education (AZIHE) Network is a statewide consortium that proactively addresses alcohol and other drug (AOD) misuse, violence prevention, and emotional wellbeing among individuals attending higher education institutions in the state of Arizona. Through collaboration, the Network is committed to creating healthy and resilient individuals and communities by reducing the prevalence of AOD misuse and violence; promoting student emotional well-being and developing capacity to be successful persons (academically, personally, professionally).

AZIHE Strategic Plan

Reducing High-Risk Drinking and Promoting Emotional Well-Being on Arizona’s Higher Education Campuses

The intent of this strategic plan is to provide a unified direction for institutions of higher education (IHEs) in Arizona to work towards reducing heavy, high-risk drinking of alcohol, other drug use, related negative consequences, violence, and promoting emotional well-being among students on their individual campuses. It is recognized and accepted that Network member institutions may differ in their levels of attainment in reaching these goals. It is also recognized and accepted that Network member institutions may utilize differing methods of achieving these goals depending on the unique needs and resources characteristic of their campuses.

The Network’s Standards and use of the Environmental Management Model provides a social and ecological framework for prevention, which recognizes that health and safety-related behaviors are influenced not only by individual factors but by group processes, institutional factors, community factors, and public policy.

By aligning themselves with the AZIHE Network, member institutions agree to address heavy/high-risk AOD misuse and related negative consequences and violence among young adults by targeting five environmental facets:

Evidence-based approaches

Use evidence based approaches to address campus AOD misuse, violence, emotional well-being, behavioral and attitudinal norms and expectancies.

Alcohol-free options for a healthy institutional environment
Create a healthy institutional environment to include alcohol-free social and recreational options.
Enforcing AOD and violence laws and policies

Enforce National, State, local and institutional AOD and violence laws and policies.

Advocating for emotional well-being in higher education institutions
Advocating for institutions of higher education that support and enhance students’ emotional well-being.
Policies for limiting AOD access and enhancing emotional well-being

Support policies that limit access and availability to alcohol and other drugs on and around campus; support policies that encourage healthy relationships; and support policies that enhance emotional wellbeing.

Arizona Institututions of Higher Education Network

Goals & Strategies

promotion and prevention efforts

To assist Arizona higher education institutions in promotion and prevention efforts in order to create healthy and safe campus environments and influence student retention and success.


  • Promote the adoption of healthy behaviors.
  • Reduce the prevalence of high-risk student alcohol and other drug (AOD) use.
  • Raise awareness on the negative consequences (i.e. violence and harm) associated with high-risk student alcohol and other drug use.
  • Increase student’s willingness to step in and assist others in distress.
  • Increase support for students in recovery.
Provide Data

Provide data and evaluation support to member campuses from the statewide online survey


  • Update the statewide online survey, allowing campus-specific questions to individualize the survey
  • Work with campus representatives as needed to prepare IRB proposals
  • Prepare and report statewide aggregate data within and across years
Uniting Higher Education Institutions

To encourage activities that bring higher education institutions together, working in partnership with communities, to create healthy and safe campus and community environments across Arizona


  • Enhance statewide collaboration
  • Seek funding for collaborative efforts
  • Increase the number and type of campuses represented in active membership
  • Increase membership of various disciplines, and students, across member campuses
Opportunities for Development

Provide opportunities for professional development, mentorship, and support among members


  • Continued distribution of webinars and other resources
  • Speakers and workshop opportunities at regular meetings
  • Create a supportive space for collaboration
  • Networking opportunities

Join our mission of proactively supporting college student emotional wellbeing, in an effort to prevent violence and substance misuse.